An Even Bigger Day! Futura Mobiles 1st Sale

It's been about two plus years since I started seriously thinking about creating a series of Alexander Calder inspired modern mobiles. I'm not going to go into the details about the process of creating these mobiles here (will save for a future blog post) but will say how excited I am about my 1st Futura Mobile sale. Who bought it? It was purchased by one of my TAG (The Artist Gallery) fellow artist members during the opening of the July 2018 Le Salon show. I have three mobiles in this show (Geometric, Triangles and Organic). and it was the Organic design which sold. 

TAG Le Salon Show Opening Night



The Big Day - 1st Set of Mobiles Out the Door

Today (07-26-18) was a very special day; I took five boxed up mobiles to the Delaplaine Art Center to sell them in the Delaplaine's Gift Shop! The way it works is the Delaplaine will receive 25% of the retail price and I get the rest. What's cool here is I get to set the retail price, $169.00 - $189.00. Will someone buy the mobiles at these prices? No way to know unless I simply try it. Took four of them down with two being "Geometric" one on display and one boxed up for a total of five.

One small step toward making this a real business!


The 1st ever FM boxes going out the door to the Delaplaine!